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  1. Dear Mr. Charlie, 19 Feb 2015
    (I like that salutation often used in the Southern African American Community… It’s fitting of you … A man to be respected but, not put on a pedestal … An average working man trying to tell his version of a story of a city that is trying to avoid a long slow death in the rust belt)
    I wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much I enjoyed your book. I’ve seen your work on TV a couple of times. ….. I get a kick out of your journalistic style …It is a combination of Real News and Saturday Night Live Satire …. Its as entertaining as it is informative. Good Work …. Kick’m in the Balls !! … It’s what they need !! … Ambition set to counter Ambition as James Madison put it 200 Years ago … “The Checks and Balances of a Free and Open Society”
    Anyway, I enjoyed your book so much I bought two copies !! …….….. Well I lie , …. I left the damn thing on the plane on my way back from a business trip to China …. I hadn’t finished reading it …. I was about ¾ of the way through it and left it in the seat pocket in front of me …. Fuck !!! If it were a boring book used to pass time on a 12hour flight back from Beijing, I would have gladly left it for the next guy … But in this case, It wasn’t … I was really into the stories and news accounts and your experiences… it was hitting home on a 8 cylinders for me ! …. I wanted to finish the book. The various stories, locations, people, family incidents, feelings and scenarios were all things that I could personally identify with. Many of these situations, in some way or another have touched my life in the same way too ! Like the sub-stories within the movie “Slum Dog – Millionaire” where he knew all the answers to the game show questions, by related accounts and experiences in his life., . Your book hit all the same zones for me in a similar and big way. Thanks for a great book ! It is a great piece of Detroiter-Americana !!

    Most Sincerely
    Donald Fenton Jr.

  2. I enjoy reading your writings. You speak much of what I wish to hear, read, and say myself at times. I am fond of the blog idea and aspect! I will absolutely be sure to come back and see what else is going on with you and the site! Thanks so much, Charlie! Cheers!! Xoxox

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